Privacy Policy

When you use Ratizell Games´ services, we protect your privacy and want to be as clear as possible that we follow Google Play´s developer policy under the link below.

1. Information collected

Ratizell Games does not collect any user data. However, the company receives visitor statistics from Google and statistics on how many apps are purchased

2. Copyright

Ratizell Games uses only materials manufactured in the company or purchased by registered companies creating for example music.

3. Advertising

Ratizell Games does not use ads for its own purposes, in the apps. However, Google exercises its right to advertise embedded in the apps in cases where they are free of charge to users. The apps that are subject to costs do not contain any advertising.

4. Snowy Sled Race

Ratizell Games app Snowy Sled Race is adapted to all target groups, which means that even small children can play the game. Ratizell Games has stated in the categorization to Google that the target group also includes minors and the game itself have been carefully controlled so that the game

* does not contain or promote sexual content or profanity

* does not promote violence or hatred of individuals because of their ethnic origin,

religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or other characteristic linked to systematic discrimination or marginalization

* does not have content insensitive to natural disasters, atrocities, conflicts, deaths or

others tragic events

* does not contain or enable threats, harassment or bullying

* does not facilitate the sale of explosives, firearms, ammunition or accessories for

firearm. Nor does it facilitate the sale of all types of alcohol, drugs, narcotics and tobacco.

5. Google Play´s developer policy

In other respects, reference is made to the developer policy for Google Play